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I worked for Gotuit as a Graphic & Web Designer from November 2006 until September 2008. After that time period I was hired, on several occasions, as a Freelancer.

I worked primarily with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver applications. Close attention always paid to cross-browser compatibility with FF1.5+, IE6+, Opera, Safari.

I worked daily with developers and closely interacted with AJAX, XML, JavaScript, Flash Development, PHP, and mobile video applications to bring graphic solutions to life for the company’s metadata-driven video products.

I Handled all CSS and HTML duties at Gotuit to develop websites and layouts from JPGs and printouts. I also provided all graphics and image manipulation needed for promoting and developing the company’s websites.

Below are some examples of the work I completed before and after leaving Gotuit as a Full Time Employee. It is not a full list of projects.


Designed a Full Page Magazine Advertisement to promote the company's booth at an attended conference.

High-end PPT Presentation

Designed slides to accurately portray how the company's work helped utilize Metadata Sources and Metadata Uses and ultimately was the center for successfully transforming the sources into the uses.

Website Design & Development

While I was a Full-time Employee at Gotuit I designed and developed many websites, including their own gotuit.com. My duties included everything from concept to mock-up to development including designing assets to be used in web applications such as video players and Gotuit's SceneMaker (Remix Sites).

Magazine Advertisement   
High-end PPT Presentations   
Website Design & Development